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Beijing Overseas Scholars Center visited Ruixue Global Nanjing Park

On November 26, 2016, Yuan Fang, Director of Beijing Overseas Scholars Center, Xia Yingqi, Chief Advisor of Beijing Overseas Scholars and former Deputy Director of Beijing Zhongguancun Management Committee, and Zhao Hongwei, Chairman of Beijing Zhongguancun International Incubator Co., Ltd. visited Ruixue Global Nanjing Park.

Yuan Fang, director of the Beijing Overseas Scholars Center, praised Dr. Huang Ruiqing as a successful example of overseas scholars' entrepreneurial development in Beijing, and spoke highly of the achievements made by Ruixue Global in promoting China's agricultural modernization. Xia Yingqi, the chief consultant of the Beijing Overseas Scholars Center, praised the rapid development of Ruixue Global Nanjing Park in the past two years, and hopes that Ruixue Global will continue to work harder, down-to-earth and forge ahead, and promote China's overall facility agriculture development to a new level!